Yoga For Healthy Eyes

Today we are going to share some simple yoga posse that will not only help you get focus and get a better and stronger brain and neuron system, but it will help you get healthier and beautiful eyes too, if you are working too much and if you use your eyes too much then this is the time for you to get beautiful eyes with healthy way.

Here are some Yoga Assen For Eyes:

First thing that you need to keep in mind before you start doing these eye yoga exercises, is you should have clean and calm environment, wash your hands, face and your eyes too and keep your head aligned with your spine throughout the exercise routine and we will start with simple exercise.

Sit down and massage your lower eyelids with your ring fingers in gentle circular motions, clockwise and then anti-clockwise and now we are start with the assens.

Close your eyes halfway and look as closer to your body as possible and then look at some distant object and pay all your attentions on it and then close your eyelids, you need to imagine that it is getting puffed up and keep breathing your nose deeply and let the oxygen reach to your eyes and then exhale through your mouth and you need to keep breathing like that for whole 2 minutes and then finish the look with the broadest smile possible.

Now we will do Nasagra Dhrushti and in this assen your eyeballs will be constantly looking at the tip of your nose and then you need to keep that posse for 30 seconds and then close your eyes and the blink for couple of time and then you can repeat it for 2 more time.

Now we will do a posse to lubricate your eyes and it is very good for those who work too much and use the eyes too much and get dry eyes syndrome, and for that you just need to sit down and blink with every heard beat and this will not only moisturizes your eyes and keep it safe, but it will help you get healthier and beautiful eyes too and sooth down the tired muscles around your eyes too.

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