Tips & Tricks To Apply Eye Shadow

Creating a flawless, seamlessly blended eye shadow is not actually very much difficult if you know the basic tips and if you know the right way of applying the shades and for that you either can apply different things on your eyes and see which one is your shade and which shape is your shape and that called experimenting, or you can take the benefit of the result of my experiments, which I have been doing for ages, as I am too choosy and I get bored really quickly so I keep adding and reducing things and I love the way colors make my eyes and me look.

First thing that you need to keep in mind while you start buying the makeup or any kind of cosmetic for your eyes of for your face, always buy the best thing that you can afford on the shelves, take your time in reading the ingredients and the expiry dates and other details, always start with brushes, you need to have best blending sponges, brushes, combs and other applicators, buy the best lash comb and lash curler and make sure you are picking things that you actually need.

Then pick the foundation or concealer and always keep all of those tips I shared earlier to buy the foundation or concealer and when you go to buy the eye makeup then never forget the primer and serums to use on your skin before applying the makeup.

If you are in your teens then you can use whatever you want, be crazy as much as you want, cause this is the best time of your life, but if you have crossed that time then now this is time to be smart, instead of crazy, use shades and then blend them well to create the look, you need to use light shade as a base and then a dark shade to get the perfect look, then some shady shade over your crease to create the illusion of deep and magical eyes and then use highlighter of some kind of enhance the look.

Keep blending different shade on the back of your hand and see what would look good on your eyes and which will create the look you were looking for in first place, there is a key of best looking make up and that is always start with a plan, keep thinking what kind of look you need before you start as this is the foolproof way to get perfect look.

Apply liner according to your eye shape, if you have thick and bright too prominent eyes then apply a thinnest line on the root of the lashes and then a thick line on your water liner and let it come out of the line too, but that is what would make your eye look and feel smaller, which means you cannot do that when you awn tot make them look bright and prominent, if you don’t want to apply pure white on your water line then use nude shade and then apply the thinnest line around your lashes and use light shade, black is too rude to get smooth and soft eyes.

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