Star Wars Kids’ Room Decor

The motion picture Star Wars and its sequels enthralled the world in the seventh decade of twentieth century. But, its popularity among the people of every age group is growing over the time instead of fading. Theme of the movie fascinates the kids and therefore parent tend to use the theme in their kids’ room to please their kids and to create a thought-provoking and lively environment in their rooms.

So, if you are considering decoration or remodeling of your kid’s room don’t overlook Star Wars theme. And I bet your kid will surely love the theme. You can incorporate the movie in the room decor in many ways.

Using the beddings, comforters, pillow cases and shams that feature your kid’s favorite characters from the movie is the most obvious choice you can make. But if you want to create a theme that you don’t have to change with the changing interest of your child then think about a neutral background with a small number of themed accessories.

Employing wall art and large placards, shams and lamps festooned with Darth Vader, Hans Solo, Chewbacca, or any other favorite character would be a cheap way to put the message across. You can easily change these items when your child grows. To give the room a feeling of outer space dress rest of the room in blacks, browns and blues. A galaxy print can also be used.

An easy and enjoyable addition is the bags of blaze in the dark stars that are easily available at many party stores. Attaching these to the roof will add a feel of daydream that younger kids especially enjoy. Using kid’s playthings is another nice idea. Arrangement of a display space for Star Wars collectibles or building sets is a practical and useful addition to this theme.

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