5 Tips To Get Smokey Eyes & Dramatic Looks

If you are new in eye makeup or you are gating tired of get the perfect eyes makeup then here are some tips for you to get smoky eye makeup at home with your own hands.

Smoky eyes is not a new trend, it has been here for like ages and the main reason of the success of that look is the simplicity and the easiness to get the look, and you can carry that look in your day to day life and you can carry the same look in any kind of party too, and it is something that never look imperfect and it always look like you have done something with great perfection, and if it is a look that you try most of your time then it takes not more than 5 minutes and here are some simple steps that you can try to get that look.

  1. Prime your eyes, never ever skip that step cause that will give you a fine base and it will help your shades to get blended perfectly and it will keep the things on the place for longer time of period.
  2. Use light eye-shadow first, which I always say is a base shade which will actually give you eyes some definition and some detailing to get the look, and it has nothing to do with the shade you are using to create the smoky look, always pick something nude and something similar to your eye lid shade, and never ever apply any kind of darker shade on your lower lash line or near to your brow line, cause that is completely ruin your look.
  3. Blend Well cause if are looking to get a perfect smoky eye then you have to spend time to blending, you can use as many shades and as many color you like, but keep blending them very carefully, and use special applicator to blend your shades or you can use your own fingers for that, cause nothing is better than your fingers when we talk about blending.
  4. Line your eyes and pick the right shade of line and I always say that if you are applying the smoky look then take gel eye-liner and outline your upper eyelids with that and then draw a line on your bottom lid too, but not too thick and keep the shape and the look of your eye in mind while you do that.
  5. Mascara is something that is very important for your look and always use lash curler and couple of mascara coats to get the best and perfect look.


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