Make Your Face Look Slimmer Tips

We all know that if you have a chubby face people mentally weigh you in their mind as being heavier and it would make you look fattier and older too than you really are and when we start losing weight, it take some time to start losing form the face, whereas normally people think that the only real way to lose weight in your face is by losing weight in general , but there are few tricks which can make you lose weight from face, not only it will give you a illusion of slimmer person, but it will make your look younger and fresher too, A heavy looking face, however, is not always the result of excess fat, it could be water retention, and there are lots of ways to make your face look slimmer and I bet you will love the look you will get once you reduce weight form your face.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake:- Well this is the strongest trick to get slimmer face, you just need to reduce your alcohol intake very much and it will give you millions of benefits, alcohol is one of the biggest culprits, which will make your face red and puffy and will make you look fat and old too, it make your body and your skin dehydrate, which in turn leads to water retention and it also contains a lot of useless calories too and if you want to look fat overall or just on your face, you have to stop alcohol right now.

Improve Your Posture:- Another simple way to get slimmer face or body is, improve your posture and your body gesture, you need to see if you keep your poor posture is making your face appear fatter and larger, emphasizing the double chin, you should try some face exercises that improve posture and help you lose thin layers of fat under your skin too, and remember to always hold your head and chin up and keep your shoulders back, especially when you sit at a desk all day long.

Stay Hydrated:- Water is great thing to get beautiful body and skin, it is not only one of the best natural moisturizer, but it keep flushing out all the junk of your body naturally and keep your body well shaped and clean, and when I say clean, it means beautiful and glowing, you should drink lots of water throughout the day and keep increasing the amount of your water cause it will not only help you get batter skin and shape, it will prevent water retention which is a major cause of bloating and fat looking body and when you start drinking ample amount of water, your body starts to suing the water storage it has when you were not drinking enough water and it thought that there is a water shortage and so, it starts to store it for you, LOL drink lots of water.

Avoid Sugar & Salt:- Salt is bad for your body at all, and sugar make you look older, is it enough for you to avoid these two things or not? Try to eat less sugar and less salt if you need to pick one in Sugar and salt and alcohol then I will say have alcohol which is less harmful for your skin, as compare to these two things, btw alcohol is horrible for your skin and your body, and sugar and salt is way worst than this, start reducing refined sugar and salt intake everyday and soon you will be able to quit it absolutely, salt is meant to be in your bathroom, not in your kitchen and refined sugar is super bad for even in your bathroom, if you have sweet tooth and you have to eat something sweet then try fruits and vegetables, and try to train yourself with healthy foods and healthy eating and if you get sweet craving too strong then take ¼ tablespoon of cinnamon powder every morning with warm water.

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