Treat Dark Elbows Naturally

There are so many ways that we can use to get rid of darker patches of our body, normally we pay all our attention on our face, neck, shoulders and our hands and feet, but what about darker knees and elbows? They keep gathering the dead cells and then they start looking dull and dry and darker than the other body parts, but it is not what it meant to be, you don’t need to suffer with embarrassments all the time, you can actually treat it too, you can get some beautician assistant for that too or you can use some home remedies to treat that too, today we are sharing some simple home remedies for you to get as beautiful knees and elbows as your face is.

Here are some Best home remedies to lighten dark elbows:

Lemon:– I have been saying this for ages, no matter what kind of mark or scar you have, if it is on your skin then give lime a try, apply it on your skin, rub it for 10 minutes and then keep in shades as long as possible and then wash it off with lukewarm water, but be very regular and you will see the magic, Lemon is loaded with natural bleach powers and it can actually remove all kind of dirt, dust and dead cells from your body and your skin and can heal the skin issues very smoothly without any harsh impact , as long as you are inside, and not getting in sunshine.

You can use lemon juice directly on darken area and rub to get rid of it, you will feel slightly burning sensation if you have any cut or rash, otherwise it is very smooth and then wash it off with worm water, never use soap with lime.

Lemon juice & sugar mixture is very good to get smoother skin too, you just need to take one tablespoon of fine sugar powder and add juice of one lime in it and rub on the dead skin area till sugar get dissolved and then wash it off with worm water, Lemon juice, olive oil and salt is ideal for super oily skin though.

Baking soda with milk is great for super sensitive skin, you just need to take one tablespoon Baking soda and add one tablespoon worm milk in it, and butter milk would be best and apply that all over your skin and then start scrubbing it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with running water.

Aloe Vera Juice is best if you see some dry creaks on your elbows, it will not only heel the dry and dead skin lines, but it will help you get smooth and beautiful elbows too.

Garlic & Onion: – You can use the mixture of garlic and onion to treat your skin too.

Keep your skin clean and moisturizer and protect from external damages.

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