Tips To Apply Dark Eye Makeup

I personally think that eyes are the most beautiful and the most fascinating thing that can make you look the most beautiful woman in any occasion, the only thing you need to do is know your face and your eyes and know the shade that suits you, I love smoky eyes and I love the technique, I just need to keep looking for different shades and I never get disappointed with that look and toady I am going to talk about the black eye make up with you.

I am going to share the simplest and the easiest black eye makeup with you guys today:

First thing first we will start with moisturizer and primer and then apply the foundation or concealer and make sure to blend with edgy sponge to get the best coverage near your eyes and then blend well.

Tips To Apply Dark Eye Makeup

I always start with eyeliner as they give me a direction for my eye makeup and for that apply the thinnest liner line at the roots of your lashes since I have big prominent eyes so I don’t use thick liner I just cover the roots of lashes, Now I am going to start with some wings as I am going to try something glamorous tonight, so I will get some simple thicker lines near the outside corner of my eye and then I am going to take a lighter liner and then apply eyeliner to the bottom lid too, but not too thick.

Now I will take some light shade and apply over the lid either with a brush or with your finger and I am going to keep spreading it over the corners and keep it light at the inner eye and apply the heavily on the outer eye, now I will take some basic shades like blackish gray, gold, silver, white, etc and will cover the lid but just till the upper crease.

Make up Tips For Dark Eyes

Now I will take some main shade and I am using the grays black or you can pick some glitter too and apply over the upper lid crease and then spread it with the finger till the outer corner and now I will take jet black shade and will apply the thinnest line over the lower lash line and then take a blending brush and rub it all over from the one corner to outer corner to get smoky eyes look.

Now we will use lash curler and then mascara, I use silver blackish mascara for beautiful touch and if you don’t have it then use black mascara and then take a silver liquid glitter and apply that all over your lashes with one strokes, and it will make your eyes shine beautifully.

Now at the end take some silver or dark gray highlighter and apply that over your eye brow bone and on your inner corner with your finger and rub it well on both sides.

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