Teenage Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Though it is a fun to decorate a teenage female’s bedroom, it is somewhat challenging as well since teens have strong views on most topics. By this age, females lose interest in the pastel tones and flower-patterned wallpapers and love to have a more mature ambience in their room. There are many different grown-up decorating themes that can give the room the ambience your female wants to have around.

Grown-Up Pink

Pink is a traditional shade to deck up girls bedroom, but the girls of teen age group may seem unwilling to have pastel pink on in her room. If she loves pink tones yet, though, other ways are there in which pink shade can be used in grown-up way. Bold hues of pink color such as hot pink, magenta or rose are best for a teenage girl and help give her room a more modish and stylish touch.

These colors can be used for the walls, if the room is large. However, if the room you are dealing with is small, these aren’t ideal since the darker hues can make the space look and feel even smaller. For smaller room walls, white, beige or any other neutral shades are ideal instead. Pair the neutral color walls with selected shade of dark pink as an accent color. Painting one wall in the dark pink shade in order to create a focal point where the bed and any artwork can be placed is another nice idea.

Deep pink hues look much more chic and elegant in combination with dark colors like brown, black or chocolate. So, look at including any of these colors in the room via bed linens, curtains and other accessories.

Hollywood Glamour

If your female wants to have an elegant, retro style around, an old-Hollywood theme can be a perfect enhancing scheme for her personal space. Use a pale-peach or pink shade on wall and fit in black furniture for a sophisticated and stylish look. For those girls who want a bolder room, paint the walls in red or aqua.

Hollywood-themed room is incomplete without a little glitz, so include silver accent pieces, plus crystal door knobs and drawer pulls, all through the room. For the bed linens, go for lavish materials like satin and velvet to enhance the glam factor. Also consider adding a chaise lounge or lighted vanity if your budget permits. It will give your room a truly bona fide old-Hollywood feel.

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