Schedule For Baby Feeding

At the birth of child whole of the life of the mother is entirely changed, now for her own self there is less time. All the way long she has to do different jobs of the baby. She has to feed, change diaper and much more. Many of us have complaint that times less and varieties of works are great and sometimes it feels that as life is running in haphazard manner. But to make the life a smooth running way if all things to be done in a schedule manner we save not only much time but also save most of our energy. And mentally remain relaxed.

With the newborn child it is nonsense attitude to develop an organized routine because at this stage the baby shows great fluctuation in habits and eating, sleeping routine.

Actually the schedule is adjusted with three factors;

Stage feeding requirements
However the following schedule is for 0 to 12 month baby helps great for an organized life.

0 to 1 month;

Breast feeding after every 2 to 3 hours or according to demands of baby, No other solid or semi solid food d is given to the baby.
1 to 4 months;

There will be 6 to 8 feeding each day. It will be more or less if the baby sleep time gets longer.
4 to 6 months;

Now the baby is going to be ready for solid food also the milk feeding will be reduced to 4 times in a day and it will be approximately 6 to 8 oz per feed. And now the vegetables in boiled and mashed form or in the form of puree may be given between once or twice per day. But now the dairy products as yogurt, cheese are to be avoided.
6 to 9 months:

Now the baby is started to take the solid food frequently. The milk feeding is done 4 to 6 times per day and each time the 24 to 30 oz per day. Now the baby is given cereals, rice, fruits and vegetables, all will be in solid texture. The baby is also given biscuits and yogurt and cheese in suitable amounts.
9 to 12 months:

As the baby starts the well eating of solid food so the milk feeding reduced to the 4 times a day usually 24 oz per day. With this two servings of fruits and vegetables and one serving of meat or cereals in grinded form and there will be one serving of yogurt per day.
All this may bee more or less changed according to the above mentioned factors and with the sleep of the child.

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