Romatic Design Shabby Chic Bedroom

When it comes to great and stylish bedroom design ideas shabby chic bedroom design can’t be overlooked. It may be the perfect choice if you are interested in creating a romantic ambience in your bedroom. Shabby chic is just for all kinds of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, souk finds and remodeling.

Letting the things be what they actually are is the key to the perfect shabby still chic look. Usually the shabby chic bedroom features old traditional furniture with fissured paint and tattered look, old-fashioned designs and antique finds. Creation of shabby bedroom is all about displaying the chic shabby things in a cordial and affable way.

Romantic Design: Shabby Chic Bedroom

Traditional Bed

A conventional classic wooden or metallic bed adorned with variety of eye-catching ornaments can be a wonderful focal point to the room working for the instant shabby chic style. The flowery patterns and designs are also rather common for the style. So, if you don’t incorporate wallpapers, floral beddings can deliver the desired ambience and feel to the room you are trying to give it.

Shabby Furniture

A worn out vintage beside table or chest can be a fantastic addition to the bedroom. Look at old-fashioned or antique furniture. Enchanting and uncluttered “shabby chic” too is quite popular. So, repainting the room can be another option. Search for classic arched shapes and whittled wooden ornaments in furniture items.

Dated Look

Shabby chic can handle the dated decorations, furniture and objects with ease. Antique streamers and objects give added charm and appeal to the room. Through crackle paint technique you can effectively achieve the dated and shabby look in walls as well as in furniture.

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