Rainbow Eye Shadow For Spring & Best Eyes Makeup Tips

It is not a simple or easy to carry look, because there are lots of bright and radiant shades which is pretty tricky to apply and blend, but I still love to try colorful looks with light shaded summer dresses, I like light shades like yellow, white, pink and green etc.

I love to use bright eye shades and bright lipsticks with that and the look I am sharing today with all of you is one of my all time favorite look for a day time summer date.

We will start with clean face and then we will apply moisturize all over the face and around your eye area and on the eyelids too and rub till it get absorbed, now take some foundation, couple of shade lighter than your own skin tone and apply on your eyelids and create an even base and now you are ready to apply a perfect shade.

Now we will take a neutral primer if you need prolonged use and blend tight over the lid and blend and it will ensure that your eye shadow stays on all day and night and keep them setting in the crease, now you need to take pink eye shadow and dab it over inner center of the lid and blend, you should take powdered form to get mat and smooth look and then we will take nice orange shade and apply right over the center of your eyelid and blend it with pink and a some at the outer half too, let the shade go till the crease and then we will take a smooth blending brush and begin to blend the two shades and now we will take fresh lemon yellow shade and apply at the outer corner of your lid and blend it well.

Now you need to take lime green shade and apply at the outer corner of your lower lash line and blend it inward, you need to take an angle brush to apply shade on your lower lash, cause we don’t want to put shade on your waterline, so be very careful, now you need to take precook blue and apply on the center of your lower lash line, and blend all of the shade till remove the harsh lines and, now take a small brush and take same pink shade that we used earlier and apply on tear duct, and you are done with the shades.

Now you need to take plain white highlighter and apply on the brow bone and blend well to make it look transparent and then apply same shade on the inner corner, now take black gel liner and apply right over the upper lash line, keep making the thin liner a bit thick as you mover toward the outer corner and then take Kajal and apply a thin line over outer corner of your waterline, and finish the look with mascara, you should use darker shade of mascara you have with that and use any shade of red or pink on your lips with that and you will love the look.

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