Ponytail Tutorials For Your Hairstyles

Girls are very inspired with ponytail. Most of the girls like the “Barbie Pony”. It’s got a part, a little volume plus some soft lively curls. This particular description is a very wearable one. If you want to get a little more dramatic, you’re welcome to put as much volume and curl as you want! There are many steps in this tutorial, but that’s only because we wanted to be as full as possible.

Ponytail Tutorials For Your Hairstyles

We start with clean dry hair. If your hair isn’t perfectly clean, give it a little shot of dry shampoo. You can do a side part or a center part– which ever you feel is more becoming to your face shape.

Ponytail Tutorials For Your Hairstyles-

  1. Make a diagonal section starting at your part and going down in front of your ear.
  2. You can see just where we parted here and here.
  3. Now clip the hair from the front section up and save that for later.
  4. Give the hair a nice tease on top in your “peak area”.
  5. Smooth over the teased hair using the higher side of the comb so it doesn’t appear too ratty. At this point you can give the top a little spray if you want to!
  6. Now, put all the hair in the back into a nice, high, secure ponytail. Its okay if you end up destruction out the teased bump a little bit because…
  7. You can apply a tail comb to pull it back up. As long as there’s teased hair under there, you can get that volume back.
  8. Next we take out the front section. Take one side and cover it over the ponytail holder. Use a little spray to hold it in place if you require to.
  9. Use small pins to secure the pieces you’re wrapping around the ponytail holder.
  10. Repeat the same thing on the other side. If hair falls out of this section or don’t reach, you can just let it fall and
  11. Curl all of the hair in the ponytail. You like to curl everything in the same direction on each side so that you get a pattern going, but you can definitely make a more untidy curl if you’d rather.
  12. It’s totally up to you whether you brush the ponytail curls out or not. It’s more likely t0 brush them because the ponytail gets fuller and more bouncy.
  13. Check the back using a hand mirror and make sure it looks balanced. Give it a final covering of strong holding hairspray.

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