Magee Women’s Hospital of UPMC

Magee Hospital Pittsburgh PA

Magee women’s hospital is a teaching hospital at the Pittsburg School of Medicine and UPMC Health System. It is dedicated to gynecology and obstetrics. It is situated in the compound of Pitt School of Medicine, as well as other teaching hospitals affiliated with UPMC.

Magee women’s hospital is not just a center for women’s health. It is arguably one of the best health facilities in the United States

This facility is dependent on certain principles that are already in place in the world of woman care. Also, it focuses on each woman’s unique feature.

Beyond offering women the right medical treatment, Magee women’s hospital is dedicated to getting women empowered with education.

How did This Hospital Come into Existence?

Magee women’s hospital is one of the biggest facilities dedicated to reproductive biology and women’s health in the world.  It was named after Christopher Lyman Magee who helped Mrs. Alfred Bidsall deliver in a makeshift hospital on the 19th of January, 1911. This makeshift hospital was in Christopher Lyman Magee’s home. Today, what started as a makeshift hospital is a major center so long infants and women’s healthcare is concerned. Annually, close to 9,000 babies get delivered at the Magee women’s hospital.

In 1992, the CEO of UPMC Magee Women’s Hospital Irma Goerten recruited Dr. Jim Roberts. Dr. Jim Robert’s’ role was basically to lead four other scientists that were saddled with the responsibility of making discoveries about issues relating to women’s health. Since getting to work, these four scientists alongside Dr. Tim have blazed the trail in making new discoveries that have something to do with women’s health.

In 1995, the Magee Obstetric Maternal and Infant (MOMI) Database and Biobank were established.  It appears no one saw this coming. When this facility was established, it did not appear like it would be as big as it is. Nonetheless, it has become one of the most important women’s health research centers. 

How Long Has This Hospital Been on The Scene?

This hospital was set up in 1992 and two years after its setup, it went from just a small wing to a modern building in the same street. It has an open lab that makes it possible for scientists to chase creative solutions and question what is regarded as the convention.

Magee women’s hospital is highly ranked by the U.S News & World Report for excellence in gynecology. It has been existing for over a century and is popular as one of the best hospitals in the United States that are focused on women’s health. It functions by combining a focus on gynecology with its many societal services.

Although Magee Women’s hospital is dedicated to the health of women, men are not left out. It offers men a broad range of services. It services to men and women cover urology, geriatrics, cardiology, etc.

Magee Womens Hospital Offers Virtual Tours

If you have any plans of getting treated at Magee womens hospital, you can always know what to expect before actually getting an appointment. This is possible because it offers patients a virtual tour of its facilities. This virtual tour ensures that expectant parents are safe and comfortable.

The tour of this hospital is hosted by one of the childbirth educators available at this hospital. From the complete tour of this facility, you can have a complete idea of what you will be getting at this facility when you have an appointment to get treated.

What Are the Facilities at Magee Women’s Hospital?

Magee women’s hospital is a big medical facility that has lots of other units. Some of these units are;

  • A unit dedicated to reproductive genetics
  • A unit dedicated to Gyn/Ob Ultrasound
  • An onsite library that has staff available to always carry out literature searches. 
  • Lots of simulation programs and tools onsite
  • Intuitive Backpack Robotic Simulator, Mimic Robotic Simulator, Robotic Training Network
  • Dual-console robotic gynecologic surgery
  • Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation, Education and Research (WISER). This is situated just a block away from the hospital.


In 2007, Magee women’s hospital saw a major expansion. It made a 70,000 square-foot expansion that cost $31million. This expansion made it possible to get 100 more researchers, clinicians, and scientists. All these newly recruited clinicians, researchers, and scientists had Dr. Yiel Sadovsky as their director.

Four years after this expansion, Magee Womens Hospital teamed up with UPMC Hilman Cancer Center to form the new Women’s Cancer Research Center.

In 2018, this women’s hospital hosted the first-ever Magee-Women’s Research Summit. In this summit, it was awarded $1 million Magee Prize for its role in women’s health research. This prize is one of the biggest in the world.

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