Increase Hair Growth with Scalp Massage

Increase Hair Growth with Scalp Massage – A professionally done scalp massage has many paybacks including its capability to intensify hair growth by provoking blood circulation in hair follicles. Use sesame oil to massage the scalp as it greases the scalp and pierces the hair follicles.

Scalp massage can be done by following below instructions.

  • Dispense 2-4 teaspoons of sesame oil onto your palm and rub the oil into the fingers of both hands to get ready for the scalp massage.
  • Start the scalp massaging from back of the head. Move your limbs in a circular motion and slowly move up the head to the top of scalp. Keep moving the fingers in spherical and crisscross motions to massage the whole scalp.
  • Replicate the scalp massage every day to upsurge hair growth. It can be done securely as frequently and for as long as you like. Spend at least 10 minutes on every massage for best results. Additional mini-massages during the day will reinforce the results.
  • Rinse your mane and scalp meticulously in deep water to eliminate all smidgens of the sesame oil once the scalp massage is complete. Was, shampoo, condition and rinse well normally afterwards.

You will begin to notice the change within very few days.

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