Eye Makeup Looks For 2014 & Different Eye Makeup Looks

We are going to talk about different eye makeup looks we noticed during fashion shows and red carpets, they are not new or we did not see any new look over there, but I can tell that we saw so many varieties.

Eye Makeup Looks

1. The Gradient Effect:- Well this is one of my all time favorite cause it not only looks upper cute, it look sexy and sensations too and give you an overall cute look; and it is one of the most easiest and most popular eye makeup too, It is very easy to do and very easy to carry all day long too, one starts with one color and goes from light to dark, from the inside corner of the eye out and it gives a brighter and bigger eye look which look hot.

2. The Cut Crease:- This is for the advanced makeup enthusiast, if you have very strong grip on your shades and your tools, The Cut Crease is a technique in which the crease is “cut” sharply with a contrasting eye shadow color which not only give you a very artistic and really dramatic defined crease too.

3. Light Smokey in the Crease:- Well it is almost smoky and almost crease cut, but you use very light and subtle shades, you don’t need to be super specific about the crease in this one, you can go as easy as you like and you can use as many shades as many you like, juts blend them supper well cause this look is all about blending and smoking.

4. The Graphic Shape:- Well this one is for artist, not for a day to day look unless you are running a tattoo shop;) but otherwise can use it for night outs and for handout with your Gals, Graphic shapes are also for the adventurous makeup lovers and you need to be very creative and very expert with your things to get this look absolutely perfectly.

5. The All-Over-Smoke:- This look is Smokey everywhere, with a focus on just one color, you take one color and stay in the range of this color and create the look all around your eyes from base to mascara, it create very strong look.

6. Dark on the bottom, light on top look is for very bold and very confident girls, you use very light shades to create the smoke over your lid and then pay all of your attention on the bottom lash line and you create a strong and super prominent look there, like gothic look, and it look so cuter with perfect base and lips.

7. The Eyeliner Overload:- This is basically intense eyeliner and normally girls keep the shade moderate and pay attention on the liner which really makes the eyes look striking and beautifully sensuous, but you can add some sultry trick with thick black liner and some bright shade on the lower lash line.

9. The Double Wing:- This is again a liner trick when we use a cat eye liner on both sides and let it wing outer the line too and create a double wing, but you can be as creative as you like, go with different shades for both wings and apply a white line in between.

10. The Sharp Angle:- This is an eye shadow shape that ends very sharply and very strongly and it looks cue with very light and subtle lips and normally it creates an Arabic makeup or Arabic-inspired makeup look.

Now we will like to share some names at the end which can pull any look very perfectly, The first name I would take is Hilary Duff, she is a cuter Diva, we have seen her in almost all looks during previous years and she is one of the most easygoing person I know, she can pull any look she wants, but her all time famous cute look is the best, the thick smoked out bottom shadow look which is Hilary Duff’s signature look, and it really adds a sexy Smokey bedroom look to the eyes.

The Adele Look:- Well she did not only broke the music old images but it also show that an overweight woman can be look beautiful and sexy and super desirable, we all love her and seeing Adele wear flicked out eyeliner too and that is what I love about her look a simple look with a crazy liner and I love her dimple one she has on her chin.

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