Cold And Flu In Infants

Cold and flu commonly occur in new born and in small kids. They are easily caught by flu and cold. The reason of this is that the small babies have very weak immune system. As they grow their body gets stronger and they become much more immunes for this and not easily caught by cold and flu.

We can minimize it by diagnosing as soon as possible and by giving proper treatment as early as possible. To protect the child from exposure to cold and other environmental factors which cause the disease symptoms we can control the attacks of the disease.


  • The child suffering from the flu and cold has following symptoms:
  • The child has runny nose. The mucus come first is transparent and bland but with the passage of time it becomes yellowish and thick.
  • He may have watery eyes with burning and itching in eyes
  • Have difficult breathing due to the congestion of chest
  • Fever may develop in case of cold and flu but if it is due to some allergy then fever is not occur.
  • The child have cough due to the soreness of throat.
  • This soreness makes it difficult to drink and eat properly.
  • Some times if this condition retain for several days then with these diarrhea and vomiting also occur.


  1. As it is viral infection so the doctor may prescribe decongestants, antihistamines, cough suppressants but it may go away with itself as the child is kept away from the causes of the cold. Some times the antibiotics are also given to the child and sometimes the home remedies cause the cold and flu to go away. So by giving the treatment the further serious ness of the disease should be avoided.
  2. The saline drops are also effective for nasal congestion if these are given by plastic bulb syringes.
  3. Vaporizers and humidifier are also placed in child room to relive the congestion.
  4. The mattress at the head side is raised so that nasal congestion gets relief.
  5. If the child nose get stuffed again and again then application of some Vicks or  hot ointment will relief the problem.


  • We can not save the child by the attacks but can minimize them by giving him such foods by which his immune system gets stronger as village eggs yolk, as broth of some meat or honey.
  • Sudden change in temperature as from inner temperature is warm and the child go out side in colder environment should be avoided as much as possible.
  • The child should not be taken near to those persons who have flu and such symptoms because of less immunity in body they get to be caught by this.
  • He should be avoided from dust, smoke and pollens energy and any cold climatic conditions
  • It is recommended that breast feeding for longer time can cure the child from frequent attacks of cold and flu.

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