Car Safety Tips For Baby

Home is the place where you and all members of the home get shelter from all hazards of environment and different persons. But as you go outside you have now under the influence of all these factors.

The need for protection and security started as you are bringing your new born to the home for the very first time.

Here are Following Tips to be Adopted For The Safety of The Baby While he Travels in a Car

  1. While purchasing the child seat it must be considered that the weight, height, muscular development of child with the proper space for his movement freely.
  2. The safety of the child starts before his birth. The child in your womb should be secured during traveling in a car by using the proper seat in a car which has seat belt and with   suitable buckle.
  3. The baby below one year and have the weight of 20 pounds has special seats in car for their safety, these are rear facing seats and these are designed from birth to one year baby.
  4. After the age of 1 year to four years there are convertible seats are available from rear facing to forward facing .At these seats the child can adjust himself easily and securely.
  5. The child from 4 to 8 years has booster seats. These are seats for children with the weight of 60 to 80 pounds.
  6. The children are not allowed to seat on front seat according to traffic rules.
  7. While traveling with your baby the baby seats should be brought in home and the baby is used to sit in these seats so that your journey will be comfortable.
  8. You should place baby toys in a car so that he has a fun for himself and not to be irritated and bored while you are traveling.
  9. The baby should be sooth by the soft music in car traveling and his attention is diverted if he feels uncomfortable.
  10. The seat belts to be fastened in baby seats are with great care and it must be taken in consideration that these seat belts not to create uneasiness for the babies when fastened across his body.

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