Best Women’s Leather Cigarette Cases

What are the Top Leather Cigarette Cases for Women?

Are you looking to buy a leather cigarette case? If yes, then you are definitely faced with lots of alternatives. These different alternatives might have something to offer, they, however, will not all give you value for money. You will get good value for your money when you buy a classic leather cigarette case that looks quite like a book’s wrapper. This type of case makes room for placing cigarettes on two sides. Furthermore, these cigarettes are kept safe because of the presence of elastic bands.

That’s not all classic leather cigarette cases come with some other features. They feature an automatic cigarette dispenser, a compartment that is suitable for lighters, and automatic closure.

Are you interested in making use of a cigarette case in special conditions? You will do very well with an accessory that is black in color. However, if you want a case that you can use very frequently, metal cases that come with metal wrappers will be very suitable. Cases like this will not only last longer, they will also not have noticeable scratches.

Why Should You Own A Leather Cigarette Case?

Due to the existence of leather cases, you do not have to worry about cigarettes breaking or crumbling. Additionally, when a case is reliable, excess humidity is avoided. Furthermore, cigarettes will not face deterioration even if the case gets drenched in the rain.

There are lots of advantages associated with the use of leather cigarette cases. Of these advantages, the most prominent are convenience and style. When looking to buy a leather cigarette case, there are some brands you must look out for. These brands are definitely not the only existing brands. They, however, are some of the best women’s leather cigarette cases.

Below are the best women’s leather cigarette cases.


This item can be gotten for are reasonable price and is produced in China. It is durable, sturdy, and will make a great gift. While there are lots of features associated with this women’s leather cigarette case, one of its most impressive features is its spacious size. This case can take 120’s length cigarettes. 

This women’s leather cigarettes case can accommodate a complete pack of boxed 120’s cigarette. After taking this, it can also accommodate a BIC lighter alongside a breath spray. That’s not all. After taking all these items, it can still accommodate some slim items such as cards.

Apart from the major compartment that comes with this item, it has two external pockets which ensure it can accommodate even more items. This leather cigarette case might not be the best quality in the market. Nonetheless, it is one that will give you a lot of value for whatever amount you spend in getting it


Lots of people buy LeatherBoss cigarette case without being sure of what to expect. A lot of them, however, end up being impressed beyond their expectations. This cigarette case is made in the United States and is made of 100% leather. It is also handmade. It is lined with durable cloth material and is built to ensure maximum accommodation. In addition to containing a good number of cigarettes, it can properly house your cards

LeatherBoss cigarette case offers 100’s a perfect fitting and will most likely be good for 120’s. It comes with the right level of padding and can be trusted to keep your cigarettes from breaking.

Although certain people do not appear comfortable with the smell of this women’s leather cigarette case, if you know what the smell of leather is like, then, you will be comfortable with the smell of this case.

North Star Leather

This women’s leather cigarette case is made from 100% leather. It features a front pocket for keeping your lighter and is made in the United States. This leather cigarette case was designed to hold 100s cigarettes. In addition to this, it has room for some money and ID.

North Star leather cigarette case might not be the cheapest in the market. It, however, will give you very good value for money. Although a lot of people do not consider it affordable, it is very long-lasting. Once you buy one, you might not have to buy another for up to a decade.

Leather Cigarette Case

This item is made from lambskin leather and can be gotten in brown and black. In addition to housing cigarettes, it has space for housing lighters. You, therefore, will not need to carry your lighter in a different case once you buy this item. 

Although this case comes with a pocket for lighters, it cannot house just any lighter. You, therefore, will need to have a small flat lighter. The Leather cigarette case can hold 100s and 120s. This is possible because it is 6” tall.

This cigarette case has lots of amazing features. It, however, comes with a strong smell that lots of people are not comfortable with. When placed in the house, its smell tends to take over any other smell which could be coming from an air freshener or other products in the house. So, before going ahead to use this cigarette case, you might need to keep it in the garage for a while. This way the smell will lose some of its intensity.

Prestige Leather

This leather cigarette case is known for its good quality. Beyond being of very good quality, it is also very stylish and is considered the most unique leather cigarette case available. Due to the many qualities that this cigarette case comes with, it is a great gift for smokers

The Prestige lather cigarette case helps you limit the number of cigarettes you smoke as it can only hold 8 king size cigarettes. It is also sturdy and can keep your cigarette from getting smashed.

Although this cigarette case is famous because of its quality, if you do not get value for your money after purchasing it, you can always get a refund as it comes with a money back guarantee.

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