Best Boxer Briefs for Women

What are the Best BoyShort Underwear for Girls

Boxer briefs are usually a norm among men, but they are beginning to grow in popularity among women. This is because of the high level of convenience they offer. What’s more, they are the ideal pajamas in summer and don’t bring out panty lines. If a woman wears them under her skirt, they will ensure her thighs don’t chaff. 

These and many more are a few of the reasons why it is becoming a norm today. However, many companies produce boxer briefs in the market today, which might make it hard for women to choose. Choosing the wrong one can result in a very uncomfortable feeling all day long. Knowing this, we will be covering some of the best options available in the market today. 

1. B2BODY Women’s Boyshort Briefs

For anyone in search of a pair of briefs that offer comfort at an affordable price, this is the best option. The design comes in a manner that allows it to offer amazing butt and crotch coverage. They are also slightly longer than the typical boxer briefs, which makes them ideal for wearing around the home. 

If you wear mini-skirts a lot and want a brief you can wear under them; then this will also work. They will ensure you don’t experience thigh chafing and suffer from wardrobe malfunctions. 


  • Soft and comfortable material 
  • Amazing crotch and butt coverage 


  • The sizes are more on the smaller side. 

2. Caramel Cantina Boy Short Panties

These boxer briefs are extremely stylish and come in a design with curvier women in mind. It has stretchy materials that will align with your body shape and won’t cut with your thighs. The stretchy material is super soft and brings out all of your curves, and this makes it ideal for wearing around the home in front of your partner. It can also make a great workout brief that you can use at your gym. The brief provides excellent coverage, and you can be sure of comfort even if you wear it for long hours. 


  • It is created with curvy women in mind
  • It offers amazing coverage and fit


  • It has a tendency of riding up at the back

3. Ruxia Women’s Seamless Boxer Briefs

This boxer brief is designed with spandex and nylon. The material makes them stretchy enough to fit your body shape. This makes them ideal for working out and even hanging out in your home. Because of the fit, you can be sure that it won’t ride up from your tie when you wear it. 

Besides, the material is breathable and lightweight, which will help you stay cool when the summer comes. 


  • It comes with an extremely stretchy material 
  • It is breathable and lightweight 


  • It is not a seamless brief. 

4. Sexy Basics Women’s Boxer


These briefs are versatile and come in various patterns and colors. They offer amazing fit due to their careful sizing and tailoring. They do not have tags neither do they cause irritation to your skin. It also sports soft leg bands which offer you long-lasting fit by minimizing bending and shifting. To ensure you get value for your money, the briefs have reinforced stitching, which protects against tears and rips.


  • Various colors and patterns 
  • Reinforced stitching which protects against tears and rips.


  • It falls more on the small size. 

5. Hanes Women’s Comfortsoft Brief

These briefs come in a mix of spandex and cotton. Each pack contains three boxer briefs that offer you amazing coverage. They are ideal for wearing under sundresses and mini-skirts. 

The briefs also come with a lace waistband, which enhances the overall appeal of the boxer briefs. They are budget-friendly and offer you good value for your cash. 


  • It is tag-free 
  • Amazing cotton and spandex material which ensures comfort and perfect fit


  • The inner seam goes down the center of the crotch region. This might be uncomfortable for some. 

6. Maidenform Women’s Cotton Boyshort

These boxer briefs come along with a gusset lining and lace waistband. It comes with a blend of materials like spandex, cotton, and nylon, all of which are smooth and soft. You don’t need to bother about panty lines coming up when you wear them either. 

The briefs come in a design that will lift your behind and give it a curvy look. Also, they can align with your body shape to ensure better comfort and fit. 


  • Rear lift and definition 
  • Stretchy and comfortable material 


  • It costs a little more than many other options. 

7. Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Boxers

These boxer briefs are ideal for women with larger curves. They come with a completely elastic waist and an inseam of four and a half inches for peak comfort. The briefs help lift your rear in order to define all your curves. They are cool, roomy, and extremely comfortable. 


  • Elastic waists
  • Extremely comfortable for curvier women


  • There is an inseam at the center.

Choosing the Ideal Boxer Brief 

There are numerous factors that will help you settle for the best pair of boxer briefs. Here are a few of them: 


This is a very critical factor you need to consider when choosing your ideal pair of briefs. You want to go with an option that does not shift or cause any inconvenience that prevents you from doing your everyday tasks. 

This means it needs to be lightweight and breathable. It should also be tag-free and not cause any irritation even after you wear it for long hours. 


You want to go with one that suits your hips. It is very frustrating wearing a brief that keeps falling off, or one that is too tight by the waist. 


Your style is something you should consider when choosing a brief. Ideally, you want to choose an option that reflects your personality. Go with something along the lines of your favorite color. If you like a unique pattern, go for it. Make a statement with your briefs if you want to. 

Even though you may be the only one who sees the briefs, you still want something that makes you feel good and smile.

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