Baby Mouth And Teeth Care

Baby mouth and teeth care is as essential as the care for the other parts of the body but it remains a neglected factor for the first few months. We start to care when the first set of teeth or the primary teeth to appear. Primary teeth or the milk teeth appear in between the 6 to 24 months.

These teeth are important in many respects as they give the help for chewing and to start the solid food, to give the proper shape to the mouth and face proper, growth of baby jaws, help in verbal expressions and by them the baby gives a beautiful smile. With all these facts these teeth are the space saver for permanent teeth. So due to all these factors these teeth should be cared before their growth. There are following tips for the care of baby primary and permanent teeth as well as the inner cavity of the mouth.

  • When the child is teeth less it is helpful for growth of beautiful and healthy teeth that the child should be taken in lap and after feeding his or her mouth should be wiped with some soft cotton cloth at the gums before the first morning feed and after the night last feeding.
  • As some babies have his habit of sleeping with the milk bottle in mouth it is not good for teeth health, the child mouth should be cleaned with plain water before to sleep so that no sugar or any other material is trapped in the mouth for long period after sleeping because it causes the tooth decay in them.
  • As the primary teeth grow some child have sever pain and irritability, if this is the case try to relieve his or her by giving him such things by chewing that their gums softened and their teeth emerges easily .
  • When the teeth come out then they should be cleaned with child tooth brush which has soft bristles and the child delicate gums and teeth not to be harmed.
  • Make the habit of child to do brush after every meal and before going to bed. Usually there are different fancy colors tooth brushes are available in markets which attract the child attention and they do brushing with interest.
  • Teach your child how to do brush and in what directions the movements will be.
  • Educate your child about the hygienic condition of mouth and teeth are necessary and what will be the effects if not cleaned properly.

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