Makeup Tips To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Makeup Tips To Make Eyes Look Bigger, Are you worried about your eye size? Have you smaller set of eyes and want to make them bigger and pop so that they look elegant? You don’t need to worry as there are varieties of simple ways that can help you to in this regard. You just need to practice some times to get your makeup in the way you want it by applying some techniques that are much easier once you have enough practice.

The first step you have to take is to reduce any puffiness in your eyes whether they are tiny or large. Swelling around the eyes make them look smaller and clumsy. There are a number of steps you may apply to reduce your eye puffiness such as getting enough sleep, washing the face with cool water, using teabags around your eyes, lessen the usage of salt as salt causes a water retention that leads to eye swelling. Regular exercise is also a good way to reduce water retention.

There are a number of techniques by applying which you can shape your eyes that look bigger to the others. You may apply either white or black eyeliner to your waterline or outer corner of the middle, but don’t go the whole way. Apply some light colors such as cream, white or beige for eyeshadows. Make a thin line of eyeliner on the top of your eyelid and then wing it out, curl your eyelashes.

Bold Your Eyebrows:

Bold your eyebrows, it gives a great look and is easy to do with a little effort. Try to keep your eyebrows trimmed and manicured. Keep in mind when you shape your eyebrows, they have to be matched with your facial shape, give proper space that is appropriate to your eyes. Pay much attention during your eye makeup if you have to make your eyes look bigger and beautiful.

Make Your Eyelashes Longer:

Eyes with longer lashes look definitely splendid. There are many ways you can go with them to make your eyelashes look longer. Use eyelash curler for your eyelashes, first curl your upper eyelashes with an eyelash curler then apply mascara. You may also use false eyelashes if you don’t have long eyelashes naturally.

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